Interactive Map for Austin's Homeless Camps

Right Click - Tell us what's going on! Right clicking a location and filling out the dialog box will send us the location along with the entered text.
Point Button - Same thing as right click for mobile users.
Green Dots - Resources for the homeless.
Red Polygons - Homeless camps.
Heatmap - Debris levels around the city.

Applying AI/ML to Homelessness

Nomadik is applying state of the art AI/ML to crowd sourced geospatial intelligence to build a comprehensive picture of the humanitarian crisis in Austin, TX. Anyone can submit images, videos, and information through our website and Android and iOS app.

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  • Homelessness affects everyone where it occurs, with Nomadik everyone can be a part of the solution, all it takes is a camera.

  • Nomadik processes all of the incoming data and provides an up to date situational awareness map for every Austinite.

  • Partnering with non-profits and local government agencies to drive resource management for the most disadvantaged in our communities.